Transforming Mathematics Education :: Reasoning Mind

Check out this Houston based group doing big things next year! Seniors, lot’s of positions available!!!

Reasoning Mind is a non-profit that is using the Internet to dramatically improve the math achievement of children from disadvantaged communities. Thousands of children have benefited from our curricula, which not only teach basic math knowledge, but also develop students’ critical thinking skills. By working as a Program Coordinator for Reasoning Mind, you can make a difference for thousands of elementary school children from disadvantaged communities.

In a Reasoning Mind classroom, each child sits at a computer and works online in the RM system, learning concepts and solving problems at his or her own pace. The system creates an individual path of learning that is tailored to the needs of each child. The teacher is freed to give one-on-one help and attention to struggling students, while advanced students are able to move ahead to more challenging concepts.

Reasoning Mind is now hiring individuals with a passion for improving education:

Become a Program Coordinator.

Program Coordinators are responsible for making the program a success at each school, helping teachers and school administrators get used to a new way of doing things. They are completely in charge of running the Reasoning Mind program at several schools.

Become a Curriculum Editor.

Curriculum Editors are responsible for the overall presentation and usability of the 2nd through 12th grade curriculum. They edit curriculum that has been translated from Russian to ensure the entire math curriculum is pedagogically appropriate and effective for students at each grade level.

Become an Analyst.

Analysts work as engineers, examining current software and business processes to improve them or design new ones.


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