A week’s worth…

Has it really been 12 days since our last post??? TeachBreakthroughs is not observing good blogging etiquette. In any case, there’s been a bunch of great articles over the past week we wanted to update you all on:

Charter School debate on NYTimes blog: Geoffrey Canada (Harlem Children’s Zone), Richard D. Kahlenberg (Century Foundation), Jeffrey Henig and Luis Huerta (Teachers College, Columbia) and Michael Goldstein (Match Charter Public School) share their insights on the Charter School debate in New York City.

Some inspiration! In Chicago, the seniors at Urban Prep Academy just learned that their senior prom will be at no cost because 100% of the graduating class is going on to 4 year colleges. As a public Charter School, the school admits students based on a lottery system.

Innovation in our sector: As an innovative national non-profit, Breakthrough is among an incredible group of education non-profits pushing the boundaries of social change.  Check out this paper by the folks at Common Good Careers for a new take on an exciting sector.

Great Teaching in High Need Schools: For years, education reforms have been lamenting economic structural limitations to achieving educational inequity. Perhaps chief among those: great teachers are less likely to work (or stay) in struggling schools in poor neighborhoods. The Brown Center on Education Policy at the Brookings Institute just released a strong paper entitled, “America’s Teacher Corps.” In it they discuss how evaluation and incentives can work hand in hand to make schools better over all and incent great teachers to work in high need schools.

Middle School as The Academic Pivot Point! There’s a reason we focus so closely on the middle school years. The folks at EdSource released a paper on academic outcomes for middle school youth.


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