Breakthrough Collaborative

day1Breakthrough Collaborative runs tuition-free, academically intense programs in which a diverse group of middle school students learn the academic and leadership skills they will need to succeed in college preparatory high schools, in college, and throughout life. Our students are drawn from under-resourced schools.

The core of the Breakthrough model is an intensive six-week summer program which includes rigorous academics focusing on math and literacy. Enrichment programs, including creative art, experiential learning, and public speaking opportunities, complement the academics. Students attend all-day classes five days a week and average more than two hours of homework each night. During the school year, students attend after-school and Saturday sessions.

Key to Breakthrough’s success is the Students Teaching Students model. Each year, more than 770 outstanding high school and college students are trained as Breakthrough teachers, receiving extensive support and supervision from professional teachers. Since the majority of Breakthrough teachers are students of color themselves (67% vs. 13.5% of teachers in the public school system according to the National Center for Education Statistics, 2001), Breakthrough teachers make strong connections with their students and function as positive role models and mentors.

Want to find out more?  Below you can download some documents that really nail down who we are, why we’re doing the work that we’re doing, and how we know that we’re successful:


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